Hollsco Group - Security & Privacy

The Hollsco Group does not collect or store information about you, with the exception of purchases. When a purchase is made, The Hollsco Group collects only that information required to complete the transaction. When a transaction is completed, your email address is stored in order to contact you in future should upgrades be issued, along with your issued registration key, to validate any future installations of the product.

The credit card processing company stores transaction details including your name, address, transaction amount and transaction ID. Your credit card number is not stored. This information is used for accounting purposes only.

The Hollsco Group uses cookies only to facilitate the operation of the web site. Cookies are not used to identify you, or associate you with any actions you may perform on the web site.

The Hollsco Group uses third-party advertisement banners. These banners may or may not use cookies to associate you with specific web sites.

All information collected about you is stored in a secure database, inaccessible from the Internet, and is archived periodically to backup medium.

The Hollsco Group does not sell or otherwise make available information about you to anyone.

The Hollsco Group uses Equifax secure certificates to ensure SSL security on all web pages that involve purchasing, personal information, or credit card numbers. This is to ensure the privacy and security of your personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, please feel free to contact us