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Date Headline Source
1/20/2006 CES 2006 Profile: Time Trax Technologies DesignTechnica
1/9/2006 “Tune and Rip” by using TraxCatcher from Time Trax Technologies MobileMag
1/9/2006 TraxCatcher Rips Songs from FM Radio Radio Ink
1/7/2006 TraxCatcher Rips Songs from FM Radio RealTechNews
1/6/2006 Time Trax to Launch Sirius Recording Capability SpaceNewsFeed
1/6/2006 New Device Grabs Songs from FM Radio BetaNews
1/6/2006 TimeTrax's TraxCatcher Engadget
12/15/2005 Scott MacLean with Leo Laporte on Call For Help Call For Help
3/24/2005 Hobbling Grokster -- and Innovation, Too BusinessWeek
2/28/2005 The Engadget Interview: Elliott D. Frutkin, CEO of TimeTrax Engadget
2/25/2005 Orbitcast Interview with Scott MacLean of Time Trax Orbitcast
2/22/2005 High-Tech Tension Over Illegal Uses Washington Post
1/21/2005 Sound Lounger Adds To Gamers' Excitement ctnow.com
1/13/2005 A Satellite Connection for IPod Reaches Out to Download Radio The New York Times
1/4/2005 Sat Radio Recording Moves Ahead Wired.com
12/16/2004 Recording Software and XM Do a Dance The New York Times
12/1/2004 Time Trax Developing Sirius Audio-Capture Product Billboard Radio Monitor
11/30/2004 TimeTrax Connect Satellite Radio Recorder Orbitcast
11/30/2004 TimeTrax Connect Satellite Radio Recorder Engadget
11/30/2004 TimeTrax launches TimeTrax Connect Hardware Zone
11/29/2004 TimeTrax Debuts New XM Stream Ripper Radio and Records
10/20/2004 TimeTrax and Hybrid-Mobile XM to PC Interfaces Gizmodo
10/12/2004 Will Satellite, 'Podcasting' Bring a Renaissance to Radio Journalism? USC Online Journalism Review
10/8/2004 Building a 21st century radio CNet
9/27/2004 Downloading Music Legally Using XM's PCR InternetWeek
9/16/2004 Digital Killed the Radio Star E-consultancy
9/16/2004 XM to Start Internet Radio Service Gizmodo
9/15/2004 XM Satellite Radio to Broadcast on Web Mercury News
9/7/2004 Digital Music's Next Big Battle MIT Technology Review
9/6/2004 Pirates Beware: Satellite radio is next Austin American-Statesman
9/2/2004 Stand up for TimeTrax National Post (Canada)
9/1/2004 Satellite radio providers worry about bootleggers News 8 Austin
9/1/2004 Big Music vs. Digital Audio P2P Net
9/1/2004 Satellite radio software squabble Network WOrld Fusion
9/1/2004 No good deed goes unpunished by RIAA engadget
9/1/2004 Satellite, Web Radio Emerge As New Piracy Front Billboard.com
9/1/2004 Recording of satellite and internet radio USA Today
8/31/2004 Case Study in Media Modularization and Business Ecosystems Harvard Law Blog
8/31/2004 XM Radio takes its ball and goes home ARS Technica
8/30/2004 XM Bending Over Backwards To Make Satellite Radio Less Useful Tech Dirt
8/30/2004 XM Radio pulls PC hardware amid piracy concerns CNet
8/29/2004 Homemade Sat Radio Software Bump Wired
8/28/2004 XM satellite app raises ire P2P Net
8/27/2004 MP3 tool pulls satellite radio into piracy fight CNet
8/26/2004 Automatic Music Download Software Radio World News
8/26/2004 iTunes fans... sharing music RAIN
8/25/2004 How dare your make our service more useful Tech Dirt
8/25/2004 XM Battles Subscriber Over Recording Device Radio & Records
8/24/2004 Homegrown satellite radio software draws XM fire USA Today
8/13/2004 Convert XM Radio to MP3 With TimeTrax Overclockers
8/13/2004 Timetrax: Convert XM Radio to MP3 Gizmodo
8/13/2004 PVR for (XM) Radio Arrives Electronic Frontier Foundation