Hollsco Group - DOS Applications

The Hollsco Group has produced many end-user applications and utilities, of which some older ones are available for download from this page. These applications are no longer supported by The Hollsco Group.

KeepTrak, a complete graphical client service management system running under DOS, to manage customer problems, service calls, and client record

NavLog, a full-featured, graphical (GUI) based flight planning system running under DOS, capable of generating full FAA compliant flight logs, including planning for winds, fuel, multiple aircraft, and more

Fossil45, a complete QuickBasic 4.5 interface to standard FOSSIL serial I/O routines (for BBS's and multi-I/O boards)

Indent, the precursor to VBIndent. Works with QuickBasic 4.5 and Microsoft Basic PDS 7.1

WyseTerm50, a simple Wyse 50 terminal emulator written in assembler

ColorGen, a small utility to allow QuickBasic programmers to select screen colors