Hollsco Group - LicenseID Testimonials

"Since implementing LicenseID at my bar, my doormen have reported a huge decrease in attempted use of fake ID's as well as attempted entrance by underage people. People have realized they may fool the doorman, but they can't fool the computer. After paying a costly fine last year for serving liquor to an underage patron, LicenseID is cheap insurance."

- Barry Patterson, Indianapolis, IN

"...when it broke down again, I replaced my expensive dedicated system with LicenseID running on an old PC. Total cost to me was under $100. That was less than the annual maintenance fees on my old system, and LicenseID does more! I have recommended LicenseID to several colleagues."

- Simon Dornier, Naples, FL

"...improved quality of patrons since implementing LicenseID. Bar profits are up and my bouncers are thrilled, as they are no longer held responsible for decisions made on fake ID's."

- Tom Forrest, Toronto, ON

"I was so pleased with the effectiveness of LicenseID at my front door that I have set up a second system behind the bar. Bar staff can now check ID's accurately in literally seconds, which means they can serve more customers faster. My bar receipts have increased by almost 15% since installing LicenseID."

- Karen Suffolk, Toronto, ON

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