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This utility will allow you to calculate exactly where to point your satellite dish in order to pick up any geosynchronous satellite - i.e. pretty well any TV satellite. Read more details on how to use this page here.

Obstructed satellite view? Problems with trees? Read more here.

Select from the preset locations, or enter the latitude/longitude of your satellite dish.


Latitude:   or  



Your location not in the list? Try http://www.calle.com/world

Select from one of the geosynchronous satellites, or enter the longitude of the satellite.

Longitude:   or  

Your Results:

Bearing: 180 degrees Your dish must point to 180 degrees to see the satellite.
Elevation: 90 degrees You must elevate your dish to point 90 degrees up from level in order to see the satellite.

How do I use it?

Either select your location from the online list, or type in the latitude and longitude of your location. You can supply your latitude and longitude in two formats: decimal (i.e. 123.45 degrees) or degrees/minutes (i.e. 123 degrees, 27 minutes). Typing the location in either format will automatically calculate the location in the other format.

Next, select the satellite from the list of geosynchronous satellites, or type in the longitude of the satellite. It is assumed the satellite is directly over the equator.

Last, click the Calculate button. Your results will be shown above.

Note: All bearing/azimuth measurements are degrees TRUE - magnetic variation is not taken into account.

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