Hollsco Group - TreeMenu Testimonials

"Just wanted to let you know I've been using your TreeMenu with good results in several secured sites since I purchased the software. I have a public site up at www.LOOKbillboards.com that uses your software. This company will also have a secured site using TreeMenu - the employees really like being able to "see" where they are at all times...a real value!

I really have enjoyed the ease at making the menus. While I'd like to have a database driven setup, this is really not much different than entering the data into a database. I'm glad I shifted to using this style - it's relatively quick to copy and set up new sites, and best of all it works well."

- Chris Cowlbeck

"While writing a brief testimonial about TreeMenu, I was afraid I'd sound like a hired movie reviewer using quotable words like "Amazing" and "colossal!". Truth is, I really do like TreeMenu, and am often surprised more web designers haven't discovered it. It may look complex and scary at first, but I've found that it is the easiest way to add this kind of power to your navigation system, and once you've mastered it the first time, it's so easy. I find myself designing web sites in my mind, using the TreeMenu structure. It gives my sites fantastic navigational power and control."

- Jeff Goebel, Frogstar

"We originally purchased TreeMenu for use on a specific internal site, but after realizing how simple it made the creation and maintenance of the site, we have since expanded its use to two other sites. Our designers love the simplicity it affords when updating or adding pages, and our clients love the way they can now navigate easily through the sites. Highly recommended!"

- Jennifer Hayes, Tannis Systems

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