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VBIndent is a revolutionary, incredibly powerful yet simple code formatting utility for Visual Basic 6.0. It takes messy "spaghetti code" and literally transforms it into formatted, documented, readable code. VBIndent examines your Visual Basic source code line by line and makes adjustments to improve readability, ease of maintenance and structure.

Download VBIndent (2.7 mb)

VBIndent allows the manipulation of your project code from one simple screen interface. Transforming your "spaghetti code" into professional-caliber, self-documenting code is as simple as clicking Begin.


Code Formatting

  • VBIndent will indent nested loops and structures properly, based on an indentation value that you give it. It will remove multiple blank lines, and insert blank lines where required for readability. Most importantly, VBIndent takes multiple-statement lines, pulls them apart, and creates properly nested, structured code!
  • VBIndent will find errors in your code that the Visual Basic programming environment will not. Ever mismatched a For/Next loop, If/Then statement, or other related statement pairs in a large nest? Visual Basic will simply tell you there is an error - somewhere. VBIndent shows you the exact line where the coding error occurred, and tell you what you need to do to fix it.
  • VBIndent reformats all comments to make your code the most readable code ever. All remarks are lined up in a single column, at a position you specify. Comment blocks are automatically left-flushed.


For Count = 1 To 10 ' This is a loop
If a = b Then Debug.Print Count: Exit For ' Does a equal b?
Next Count ' We're Done


For Count = 1 To 10        ' This is a loop
  If a = b Then            ' Does a equal b?
    Debug.Print Count
    Exit For
  End If
Next Count                 ' We're Done

Variable Renaming

  • By far the most powerful function of VBIndent is its ability to rename variables inside your program. This idea is taken directly from Chapter 1 of Mark Warhol’s book The Art of Programming with Visual Basic. VBIndent renames your variables based on a simple yet complete system, so that any variable in any module is instantly identifiable. When renaming variables, VBIndent insert a user-definable character representing the variable's scope, another user-definable character representing the variable's type, an underscore, and then the original variable name. A global string variable called UserName could be renamed to GS_UserName. Whenever you look at GS_UserName in the future, anywhere in your code, you instantly know that it is a global string variable. The result? Instant self-documenting code!

More on The Art of Programming with Visual Basic: Amazon.com

Code Profiles

  • VBIndent creates a profile of your project when it has completed processing. This profile will help you track which procedures are where, and which variables are being used in which places. The profile contains details for each module inside the main project file, detailing the name, usage, reference and scope of every variable, procedure and object used in your program. Do you have a variable conflict in two modules, forms or classes? The Code Profiler makes short work of any conflicts. The Code Profiler outputs its reports in HTML as well as exportable XML, useful for importing into code management systems.

Module Headers

  • VBIndent can insert pre-defined module headers into each program module. These headers appear as normal code comments before the module begins. The Module Headers can be used to specify the date of creation, date of modification, original author, modification history, and so on. VBIndent allows you to customize the header to conform to any requirements or company standards which are currently in use.

Debug Mode

  • VBIndent now has the ability to precisely determine the cause of any code-nonconformities which may have tripped up previous versions of VBIndent.


You can download a fully-functional, 10-day version of VBIndent from this web site. To convert your copy of VBIndent to a fully-functioning, non-expiring version costs only US$149.95, less than half the cost of competing products! And once you have purchased VBIndent, your registration code works on all future versions.


You can download a copy of VBIndent right now! We would ask that if you do find any problems with it, especially source code which it does not understand, that you please contact us.

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