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TreeMenu is a flexible ActiveX component that installs on your Windows machine running Microsoft Internet Information Server. TreeMenu allows you to quickly and easily create and maintain a menu tree in your ASP web pages, just like the one at the left of this page. The web tree menu is generated dynamically on every ASP page - You can change the menu on every web page instantly by making a simple change in a single file. And - it's absolutely FREE for use by developers!!

Download TreeMenu (2.7 mb)


TreeMenu can be implemented in your ASP pages with just a few simple lines of code:

Dim TreeMenu
Set TreeMenu = Server.CreateObject("TreeMenu.nsTreeMenu")

TreeMenu.CurrentURL = Request.ServerVariables("URL")
TreeMenu.NavFile = Server.MapPath("/SiteMap.tmu")
Response.Write TreeMenu.GenMenu
Set TreeMenu = Nothing

See the TreeMenu documentation for an in-depth description of each property, and how it is utilized.


This web site uses the TreeMenu component in text mode for navigation. Explore the site by clicking on the various links to the left - the menu you are browsing through is being dynamically generated by TreeMenu. Changing the menu appearance on every page in the site is as simple as making a change in one place using the easy-to-use configuration utility. A site using TreeMenu in graphic mode can be seen here.


TreeMenu is free for developers to use on their own machines. Installing TreeMenu on a web server requires a registration fee of only $149.99, less than half the cost of competing applications! Registration enables TreeMenu to be used on an unlimited number of web sites physically contained on that server. The one-time registration fee registers TreeMenu for any future upgrades - there are no future upgrade fees.

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